Broccoli and Chicken Soup


I hadn’t planned on blogging this recipe, but today my mind was changed.

A close friend has been unwell, really unwell. I had some soup in the freezer, I dropped it at her door. I would have liked to of cooked something fresh but time is seldom on my side and I wanted to help her now, not later. I received a text message, another batch was requested, she said it was all she felt like, that it was perfect, that she felt nourished. That was the moment I decided that your family may need this recipe too. Not because it is the most delicious soup I have had, nor because I cannot go a week without eating it, neither of these statements would be true. I am sharing this soup because it is incredibly simple and may be worth storing away for when you are unwell, or when your family needs nourishing, or when you want something quick and tasty.

It is delicious, it is simple, and it is one worth learning for the days when illness invades your house or the house of lov