My Go To Vego Dinner

vego dinner

Occasionally my husband spends a few nights away, sometimes for work, sometimes for fun. Although I am always glad to see him when he returns, there are a few little things that I love about having a night to myself. Well, it isn’t exactly a night to myself as I have the precious little beings, but it is a night that differs from the norm.

I always make a vegetarian dinner. I typically let the kids pick what they would like. I know before they say a word that it will be porridge, they both think it is very exciting and a little mischievous having breakfast for dinner. For myself, I generally run with this recipe. I have been making this meal for many years. Well before my husband and children came along. I still love it. It is my go to dinner, a simple dish that I always enjoy.

My Go To Vego Dinner