We love wraps.


They are convenient.


Quick and easy.

Lettuce Wraps

Tasty and versatile.

Here a few filling ideas, try them as they are or mix and match, either way I hope your family enjoys them as much as we do.


Sundried tomato, olive, mushroom and avocado

Cooked tomatoes and cooked mushrooms with avocado

Chicken, tomato, avocado and pesto

Roast pumpkin (or pumpkin puree) and roasted almond butter - I snack on this often.

Chicken, roast pumpkin, sun dried tomato and olives

Chicken, grated orange and purple carrot, tomato, olives, avocado, pineapple

Banana and nut spread

Apple and nut spread

Tahini and blueberries

Boiled egg, chicken or nut butter with roasted sweet potato

Boiled egg and roasted beetroot

Chicken, salmon, egg, bacon or salad; absolutely anything at all with this delicious caesar dressing

Grated carrot, tomato and creamy tahini dressing, again, anything at all with this dressing!

Cherry tomatoes with spinach and tahini dip

Salmon, mango, cucumber and avocado

Chicken, peach, cucumber and avocado

Meatballs, salsa and avocado

I could go on forever!! Mix it up, add seeds, fruits, dressings, bacon, cheese, whatever you love. I tend to use kale in winter when I want warm fillings and lettuce over summer. I am always roasting extra vegetables at dinner time to quickly grab and add to lunches during the week. Be sure to let me know your favorite combinations, I look forward to trying them out. Enjoy.